The Crystal Key in its jewel case

This object is the Arkonian's most important and highly coveted device. It allows the user to activate any teleportation device and go to any location, depending on which ones have been added to the key itself. It is made of a blue, sapphire-like gemstone with a gold-crafted hilt on one end, and has grooves for more "fins" to be added. It starts out with only two locations, but the player finds two more pieces of the key scattered among the colonies over the course of exploration. These add more locations to it.

The Crystal Key 1Edit

When the player, Colonel Lifeson is sent to the Gatehouse, he finds the Key locked in a jewelry box secured with a simple height code found in a nearby book. He uses it to travel to the Desert and Jungle Colonies, Suralon, and finally to trick Ozgar into entering the Sun. Along the way, he discovers two more pieces of the key deliberately hidden by the Arkonians for safety reasons.

The Crystal Key 2Edit

Call, Colonel Lifeson's son, discovers the Crystal Key along with Athera's journal in front of a strangely placed Portable Portal that she came through. It is used only once to link to one programmed destination: Geshon, and is never seen again in-game.